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TMP Request Form

Please include all information requested and any additional information that you may have, i.e. images/photos/plans that will assist in the preparation of the TMP.  Please note that your request must be made at least 10 business days prior to your intended start date for works on Level 1 roads and 15 days for works on level 2 roads. Please allow up to 21 business days for any approvals that require NZTA and RCA approvals. Work hours will depend on the level of road the works are on.

Level 1 roads:  7am – 5pm day shift, 7pm – 6am night shift. |  Level 2 roads:  9am – 4pm day shift, 9pm – 5am night shift 

(these hours are dependant on conditions imposed by the local RCA)

Your Details

Your Clients Details (*All Boxes Must Be Completed)

Work Site Details

(Please note house numbers, and/or RPs)
(Check all affected areas)
Will you require a TMP for an unsealed surface?
Will Plant be consistently entering and exiting the site?
Or will it be left on site overnight?
Will there be any excavations left open?
If YES, have you arranged compliant fences / barriers?
Will work affect the footpath?
Will any pedestrian crossings be affected?
Will work affect any public car parking?
Will work affect any bus stops?
Is the work area within the vicinity of any schools?
Is the work within 5m of a level crossing? (A KiwiRail stand over will be required if YES)
There is a 15 - 20 day approval period for road closures.

Please send copies of resource consents and / or crossing permits if these are applicable.

There may be additional forms required and you will be notified of this once your request has been reviewed.